Test your app performance from anywhere in the world without leaving your desk.

manaOS allows you to experience your app performance exactly as your users do by emulating their connectivity at their exact location.

What if we could teleport the developer anywhere in the world?

manaOS was made to answer this simple question. When the product people can experience how things really are, solving the technical challenges is easy and a lot more fun. Put away the complex log files and just experience what it’s like to load your app in Uzbekistan – or wherever you may be interested in seeing it!


Practical Teleportation: The Magic Modem

Performance At Scale

The Magic Modem: A Global Network Emulator

Feeling > Abstraction

Reasoning about what the internet is like around the world is hard, and presenting processed data in graph or tabular form is abstract and hard to parse. Why not just pick an ISP where your users are and see what it feels like?

Show us your corner of the internet!

The network shaping data included in manaOS is derived from millions of real world clients located all around the world. The datapack is still in an early stage of validation, despite being based on very large sample counts. Help us validate the data for your ISP!

manaOS is currently in preproduction
It’s currently used in development and testing, but if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.